About us

About us

Hello! My name is Yana Stoyanova and I am the founder of Yana Wedding Agency with a history, which started in 2010 and we keep writing it even today. Our activity is focused on planning and implementation of wedding events for Bulgarian and foreign couples.

They say that the weddings are not what they were before. It’s true! Nowadays, the preparation of a wedding starts quite earlier, going through a long process of organization and requires simultaneously coordination of multiple elements, which were missing before.

Our goal is to help You go through this complicated process easy and with confidence. The standards of our work guarantee you, that Your wedding will be precisely planned, which itself will predeterminate even the final result of the day.

We love creating elegant, simple and modern wedding decors. We work with professional florists and have rich and various inventory.

We are glad, that our work through all these years approved us as correct company, respected and recommended by most of the prestigious wedding locations and professionals.