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Yana Wedding Agency offers flexible packages of services, suitable for the specific of your wedding:

сватбена агенция бургас


Package 1 is suitable for couples, living outside Bulgaria who want to have someone take care of the full wedding planning process. We have prepared a comprehensive package of services, which meets the needs of people living aborad. We understand perfectly the specific of this type of weddings as most of our couples live abroad.  The  communication, as well as all sent materials could be in English.

Сватбена агенция Бургас


Package 2 offers complete wedding planning for couples from Bulgaria. This package follows the same standards as Package 1, not incuding the services intended for foreign guests. 




Сватбена Агенция Яна


Package 3 is suitable for newlyweds, who would like to organize the wedding themselves, but need a professional to coordinate all elements during the big day, as well as a team to decorate the venue.




Сватбена Агенция Бургас


Package 4 is designed for weddings and ceremonies in the open, in a very close circle.




All of our packages can be  adjusted according to the requirements of the couple

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